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Why Beeswax?

Naturally cleans the air!


Beeswax is a natural wax produced by the bees.  Beeswax omits negative ions while burning which naturally cleans the air!  Beeswax candles are also hypo-allergenic. When you buy beeswax products you are helping to support the bees and the beekeepers who care for them!

Paraffin candles are stinky and TOXIC!


Paraffin based candles emit toxic chemicals into the air while burning.  They are derived from petroleum and while they are lower in cost, they are made from a non-renewable source.  Burning paraffin indoors can aggravate allergies in people and pets.

Support the bees and the beekeepers who care for them!


When you buy beeswax products and local honey, you are helping to support our local bee farms.  Beekeepers spend endless time and resources to care for the bees, keeping them healthy.  The bees are vital to our environment and our food supply pollinating our agricultural goods!

We don't just carry candles...


Products made with pure beeswax and other natural ingredients.  Hand and Foot Balm, Peppermint Lip Balm and Beard Wax!  Go to Shop Now to view AviBee products!

How about local honey?


We carry local honey from hives located in Boulder and Weld Counties.  A few different sizes to choose from including a great little traveler size!

February special - Beeswax heart shaped candles, pack of two, one of each color for $6.00.


Cute little heart shaped candles for your sweetheart!  Comes in a pack of two, one natural wax and one red beeswax/soy blend.  Use Promo Code LOVE2 at checkout!