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About Us

Committed to Quality

Terri Miller

AviBee started as a passion for beautiful candles.  I began making candles as a young girl, 

my Dad made his own candles in the 60's and taught me the art of candle making. 

 In 2005, I discovered beeswax and fell in love with the quality and purity of this beautiful wax.  

Today I pour AviBee candles from my studio in Brighton, Colorado.  

All of my beeswax is sourced from bee farms in Northern and Eastern Colorado all the way to the Western slope 

supporting the beekeepers right here in our state.  

I am dedicated to producing quality, affordable organic beeswax products that everyone can enjoy.  
      So go ahead, light up an AviBee candle......          
Good for you - Good for the earth - Save the Bees!
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Organic beeswax products


AviBee has added beautiful organic beeswax hand and foot balm, soy/beeswaxcandles, beeswax lip balm, and for the guys, beard wax! We are also distributors for an incredible human growth hormone!

Clean burning beeswax candles


Beeswax candles omit negative ions when burning, 

naturally cleaning the air.

Make your indoor environment a healthier place....