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Burning Tips

Burning Votives


We have recently changed our votive wick to a hemp wick which has been primed with beeswax.  This is a larger wick and puts off a nice big bright flame and burns through the beeswax well.

Keep that wick trimmed!


You want to keep an eye on your burning votive.  On occasion, if the flame is really large, or you can see a big ball on the end of the wick, blow out the candle and trim the wick.



Using a long lighter, relight your votive and you should get hours more of that nice big bright flame!

Burning pillars


When you first light your pillar, you need to burn the candle 1 hour for every inch of width.  For example, a 3"x 3", or 3" x 4" pillar, you want to burn for at least three hours per burning session.  With the 2"x 3.5" or 2"x 4.5" you want to burn for at least 2 hours per session. This candle needs a hug!

Give your candle a hug!


In the first pillar, you can see the wax wall starting to form.  To fix this and keep the candle burning evenly, blow out the candle, let it cool for a couple minutes and while the wax is soft, push the wax in towards the center.  This is referred to as hugging your candle.

Now relight!


If the wick needs trimming, do it before you relight. You want to always keep your wick trimmed to approximately 1/4".   If you have any trouble relighting, get your lighter and push it into the wick gently a couple times to break up the wick fibers.  Then relight and continue enjoying your big bright flame?